Encore Poster


Encore Poster Series was created for our school, FHSU, to promote our Encore theatre shows on campus. I wanted to combine all of the music and singing into illustrations that had a punch to the person that was reading the poster.

Place Head Here


Place Head Here is for an American Democracy Project that we did for school. The idea was to make people see that if you don't vote and complain about how the president is running then you are just hitting your head against a wall.

Re-Act Dominoes


Re-Act Dominoes all starts as a cut on the tip of you finger thinking nothing of it. What most people don’t know is that bacterial cells out numbers human cells 10:1, but our bodies have a defence system that runs though our blood that are called wihite blood cells. In this game of dominoes this [...]

Power of 3 BBQ Co.


The Power of 3 is a BBQ line that is created by a mathematician by the name of Dr. Nedroot. He believed that if you used a certain three ingredients and take them to the power of 3 that you could develop a delicious sauce that would tingle your senses. The sauce would quadruple in [...]



Mentality is a flash card game where you have to match up the character with their own personal mentality. Everyone should not judge a book by its cover and should look beyond what they see and that is what Mentality is all about.



Pn is a Letraset idea that uses extra hands to help you complete a project. The NEDbots are your extra hand in completing any task you need to do for any project. Just sit back and let Pn, along with the NEDbots, help you throughout your project. -BFA Graphic Design Scholarship from Leo Burnett

Jeep King


Jeep King was for a forum out in California that was looking for a new logo idea. For this I wanted to stay around the older logo but wanted to bring it to a new level. By using the modern drawing technique I was able to do just that and bring in the jeep aspect [...]