Up Your Alley


Joan Jett & The Black Hearts have always come across as the badasses of rock music. In my art history project, I picked Joan Jett for her stand-up for anything attitude to combine with the raw hand-type cover to create a combination that would turn the audience's heads.

Cake & Whiskey


Cake&Whiskey magazine company portrays modern technology that is advancing throughout the world. They asked me to create a summer look with their slogan "Eat cake. Drink whiskey. Talk shop." that catches the attention of the audience similar to their magazine layouts. By using their original typeface I was able to match-up a fun-filled typeface to [...]

The Golden Q


The Golden Q is a local restaurant in Hays, KS, that is famous for its burgers and being the number 1 sports bar in Hays. With these aspects, I wanted to create a modern look that kept the feel of a sports bar. By keeping their original colors in the logo, the bar was still [...]

Love is…


The idea of a signature book never came across to me as a cherished part of a wedding. But I have always liked the style people would sign their names, they were always different and unique. So for this idea, I wanted to bring out those different unique styles of signatures and put them into [...]

Mothers Day


The Mother's Day project is for WBO Co. out in Loveland Colorado that wants to make hand-made cards. We used the screen print because it had the raw feel and also we could create our own custom color. The typeface was created by hand and then brought into illustrator for the final touches.

Flatland Sailor


Flatland Sailor BBQ Co. comes from a client that has a Navy background with a bit of a twist. Born a Navy gentlemen, Dusty now resides in Kansas....where we all know has no such thing as water! So the name came to us instantly. The design is inspired by the True Navy Man himself, Sailor [...]